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Velhonvuori Falls



 Waterfall data
Height 5 m
Tallest Drop 5 m
Length 3 m
Volume (avg.) -
Volume (max.) -
Primary form Fan
Watercourse -
Latitude 61.58937 (N)
Longitude 22.62429 (E)
Location Pori

Velhonvuori Falls is a small creek-waterfall located in the former municipality of Lavia, in the city of Pori. The waterfall babbles down the rocky cliff of Velhonvuori Hill, north of the adjacent Tampereentie road. After the fall, the water flows under the road in a drainpipe to the nearby Lavijärvi Lake. The waterfall has an old name Velhonvittu, based on local folklore. According to some sources, the falls are also known as Velhon uitto. The height of the waterfall is about five metres.

Nowadays, Velhonvuori Falls is a well-known nature sight, and very easy to find, as it is located literally next to the road. The waterfall is unique especially because of its situation in a rare place; there are hardly any falls in Finland, that flow close to roads (see Eavrujohka Falls in Utsjoki). Near the falls there are small parking areas on both sides of the road, where you can easily leave your car.

The amount of water in Velhonvuori Falls is very small, which is the largest single weakness for the sight. Normally, the waterfall only exists during the spring floods and after heavy rains, so its viewing times depend heavily on the season and prevailing weather conditions. The creek that feeds the falls doesn't even have an official name on terrain maps, but it gets its water from several smaller streams and swamps on the slopes of Velhonvuori Hill. During winter the water in the fall freezes, forming a thick ice wall, which can sometimes grow even onto the road.

Although Velhonvuori Falls has a very small flow rate, its beauty should not be underestimated. The surrounding landscapes with lakes and cliffs are rugged, and the easy accessibility, along with the unique location of the waterfall makes it a valuable sight. It should also be noted that the waterfall with its surroundings is a part of EU's Natura 2000 network.

If you are eager enough, you can also climb to see the upper reaches of the waterfall on the forest slopes of Velhonvuori Hill. The climbing can be a physical challenge, because the slope next to the waterfall is very steep and difficult to climb. The easiest place to climb is (probably) on the western side of the waterfall. About 100 metres upstream of the main waterfall is a second, smaller waterfall, in which the water flows through a crack in a rock. This "extra waterfall" is also a refreshing sight to see, and worth checking out, if you have enough energy to climb there.

All in all, Velhonvuori Falls with its surroundings is a beautiful nature sight, as long as there is water – we can say that sometimes small really is beautiful.

NOTE: When you stop to admire the waterfall, you must watch out for cars, since the speed limit on the Tampereentie road is high, and there are no pedestrian crossings in the area!

Driving address

Tampereentie 222, Lavia (Pori)
GPS: 61.58940 (N), 22.62378 (E)
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The waterfall flows down a rocky slope, and then under the road.

Video of the waterfall

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