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Tsahkal Falls



 Waterfall data
Height 10 m
Tallest Drop 3 m
Length 100 m
Volume (avg.) 0.6 m3/s
Volume (max.) 4 m3/s
Primary form Multi-step
Watercourse Tsahkaljoki
Latitude 69.02022 (N)
Longitude 20.89767 (E)
Location Enontekiö

The Tsahkal Falls are located in the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area, near the famous Saana Fell and Kilpisjärvi Lake in northern Lapland. They are actually a series of several small waterfalls in the Tsahkaljoki River, that starts from the nearby Tsahkaljärvi Lake (Cahkaljavri in Sámi language). The total drop height of the falls is about 10 metres, divided along a distance of about 100 metres. The Tsahkal Falls are also a local attraction.

The largest of the falls is a more than three metres high cascade, at the upper reaches of the Tsahkaljoki River. Its drop height is divided into smaller steps, and the water flows down the rock almost like a veil. Because of the moderate amount of water in the river, the falls babble rather than roar. At the lower reaches of the river, there are several smaller falls and slides, with a drop height of about 0.5–1.5 metres, sometimes more. Before flowing into the Kilpisjärvi Lake, the river is surrounded by boulders and mountain birches, which are common in the area.

The easiest way to get to the Tsahkal Falls is to walk about a kilometre northeast from the Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre, along the Nordkalottleden Trail, to the shore of the Tsahkaljärvi Lake. You can leave your car at the parking area of the Visitor Centre. As you get to the lake you can cross the river on a wooden bridge, and then you can see the falls one by one. In my opinion, the best route to admire the falls is behind the wading point, on the north side of the river, where the river is easy to follow. As you walk downstream, you should be prepared to walk in a terrain with no paths, sometimes with big boulders and a lot of ups and downs.

As a whole, the Tsahkal Falls are a nice “natural wonder” in the unique scenery of the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area. It is a refreshing and peaceful sight in the already fantastic northern landscape!

Driving address

Käsivarrentie 14145, Kilpisjärvi (Enontekiö)
GPS: 69.01184 (N), 20.89057 (E)
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The hiking trip to the falls along Nordkalottleden Trail from Kilpisjärvi Visitor Centre is about 1 km.

Video of the waterfall

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