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Tarhapuro Waterfall



 Waterfall data
Height 15 m
Tallest Drop 2 m
Length 30 m
Volume (avg.) 0.01 m3/s
Volume (max.) 0.15 m3/s
Primary form Tiered
Watercourse Tarhapuro
Latitude 63.08199 (N)
Longitude 29.83301 (E)
Location Lieksa

The Tarhapuro waterfall is a small but high waterfall in the Koli National Park in Lieksa municipality. The fall is located in a herb-rich forest valley, where the fall babbles as it drops down a rocky cliff. At the bottom of the valley, the water continues its way towards the nearby Pielisjärvi Lake, and more specifically its Tarhalahti Bay. The waterfall is part of Koli’s unique national landscape and is one of many marked sights in the area.

The Tarhapuro Creek gets its water from the nearby Paimenenvaara valley ridgeline and from the bogs at Kolinuuro valley. To get to the fall, you can leave your car at a parking area in Likolahti and then walk south-west on a marked path for about a kilometre. As you approach the fall you can hear the water babbling hundreds of metres ahead. As you get there, you can see the water falling over 15 metres above you, but with only about two metres of free drop at the top of the fall.

After the main fall, the water flows in some smaller drops and partly under the ground. The stream bed then divides into several different branches, and at the bottom of the valley it feels like the water is everywhere beneath you. This makes walking in the area slightly difficult, as there are a lot of holes in the ground and you really have to watch where you step. The best way to move around the area is to jump from one rock or tuft to another. If you want to get a good look at the fall (and shoot it without zooming or using a telephoto lens), you have to climb up a bouldered hill for several metres, which requires some effort and being in good shape.

The Tarhapuro fall is at its most beautiful in the spring and during hard rains. Even then, the amount of water is quite moderate compared to many other Finnish waterfalls. The best things about the waterfall are its height and the rugged landscape surrounding it. As a waterfall, due to the small amount of water and the difficult terrain, it is at the tag end of Finnish waterfalls. Nevertheless, it is by no means a poor waterfall. With its surroundings, the fall is a nature sight well worth visiting in the rugged landscape of Koli National Park.

Driving address

Rantatie 47, Koli (Lieksa)
GPS: 63.08852 (N), 29.83462 (E)
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Hiking trip to the waterfall along a forest trail is about 1 km.

Video of the waterfall

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