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 Waterfall data
Height 2 m
Tallest Drop 1 m
Length 3 m
Volume (avg.) 0.06 m3/s
Volume (max.) 1 m3/s
Primary form Tiered
Watercourse Rytipuro
Latitude 66.38420 (N)
Longitude 29.28614 (E)
Location Kuusamo

The Oulanka National Park and its nearby surroundings is one of the few places in Finland with abundant waterfalls to visit. In addition to the most famous of the falls in the park, such as Jyrävä, the area is known for the beautiful punchbowl waterfall of Putaanköngäs and the boulder ridden Saaripuro Falls that flows into Kitkajoki River. It is also refreshing to find even new falls in the area – especially falls that have easy access such as Rytiköngäs in the year 2020.

Rytiköngäs is a small, approximately 2 metre high, tiered waterfall in a brook that flows along a verdant Rytisuo Nature Trail north of the Oulanka National Park Camping Ground and Oulankajoki River. The brook has it’s start in the nearby Rytilampi pond and flows through two shelves down a small cliff. After the shelves the brook continues it’s way down the hill as a series of small rapids through dense forest and undergrowth.

Although Rytiköngäs isn’t marked on any trail maps, there is a wooden sign along the nature trail pointing to the falls. It is easy to access the falls by following the side trail pointed out by the sign. You can hear and see the splashes of the fall quite far away.

The Rytisuo Nature Trail is an official trail maintained by Metsähallitus. It starts from the parking lot of the Oulanka National Park Camping Ground and partially follows the Karhunkierros Trail. The shortest walk to the falls is about 2.5 kilometres when you go around the trail clockwise from the parking lot. If the camping ground is closed during early spring or late fall the trail has to be started at the Oulanka Visitor Centre which lengthens the trail by a few kilometres.

In addition to the falls the nature trail offers beautiful views, such as the lake view of the nearby Talvilampi. It also offers a good opportunity to get to know the diverse meadow flora of Oulanka for example Runsuniitty that is decorated with globeflowers. There are also many protected barns reminding us of the way people in the area used to live.

There are no marked fire pits or toilets along the trail and the only place to dump garbage is at the starting point at the parking lot.

Overall Rytiköngäs is a beautiful small brook cascade that is well worth a visit is you are planning on visiting the Rytisuo Nature Trail. Even though there are a couple of trees fallen on top of the falls it is easy to access due to good and partially duckboarded trails.

If the cascade wouldn’t be a part of the marked sights along the trail it wouldn’t have been added to this site due to the small height and water flow of the falls. But as a part of the other nuggets of nature in the area it is a great destination for a day hike.

P.S. Mosquito repellent is a must have here!

Driving address

Liikasenvaarantie 137, 93999 Kuusamo
GPS: 66.37268 (N), 29.29638 (E)
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Walking trip from the Oulanka National Park Camping Ground's parking area to the waterfall, along the Rytisuo Nature Trail (clockwise) takes about 2.5 km.

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