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Rissla Falls



 Waterfall data
Height 18 m
Tallest Drop 18 m
Length 100 m
Volume (avg.) 0.2 m3/s
Volume (max.) 0.5 m3/s
Primary form Shallow cascade
Watercourse Risslaån
Latitude 60.14545 (N)
Longitude 23.54105 (E)
Location Raasepori

Rissla Falls is a series of small cascades situated north of the historical Fiskars Village in Raasepori. The falls flow in the Risslaån River, that is fed by the water of the nearby Myllyjärvi Lake. The river flows down a forest slope, falling 18 metres on a distance of about a hundred metres. The falls, located in a local nature reserve, are among the highest in southern Finland.

The falls start at the old dam (built in 1899) that was originally used to regulate the height of the lake, and produce hydroelectric power (with 3000 volt generator) for the nearby Fiskars ironworks. Immediately after the floodgate, the water falls to the stream bed as a slide from a height of 2 metres. After the slide, the river winds through the undergrowth descending in 6 to 10 small steps, the number of steps depending on the flow rate. The largest of the steps have an estimated drop height of about 1–1.5 metres. Because of the lime-rich soil, there are a lot of spruces and hazels surrounding the falls.

Rissla Falls are easy to view from the old dam. Views to the ribbon-like waterfall are good, and the falls bubble lively. At the bottom of the slope the river calms down, and continues its way out of the forest to the open fields of Fiskars Village. Many of the photos in this article were taken from a path that is located on a ridge west of the falls. That path is today (2022) closed because of vulnerable terrain and nature in the area. It's then important to obey the local restrictions when you hike near the falls.

The best way to visit the falls is to walk there along the Rissla forest trail (see the link below). The total length of this trail is about 4 km, and there is a campfire site along the trail. The route starts and ends just outside the Fiskars city centre. Parking is recommended at Fiskars market (addr. Peltorivi 1, 10470 Fiskars). The walking trip along the forest path to the waterfall about 2.3 km, in either directions.

To sum it up, Rissla Falls is a beautiful and rare waterfall in southern Finland, despite being a series of cascades rather than a single fall. The flow rate of the falls is not great, and the waterfall is at its best during spring. During the driest summer periods, the waterfall can sometimes dry out completely, if the water level of Myllyjärvi Lake doesn't reach over the dam. Still, Rissla Falls is a refreshing nature sight, and deserves more than just a quick visit!

Driving address

Peltorivi 1, 10470 Fiskars, Raasepori
GPS: 60.13138 (N), 23.54512 (E)
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Parking is recommended at Fiskars market (addr. Peltorivi 1, 10470 Fiskars). The forest trail to the waterfall starts from the nearby Långdalintie road. Walking trip from the road to the falls takes about 2.3 km (in either directions).

Video of the waterfall

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   Anonymous - 04.10.2020, 23:29

I was unable to find the falls I reached the road & we walked till. The end of it but couldn't find the falls, can you please give better directions

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