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Ravadas Falls



 Waterfall data
Height 20 m
Tallest Drop 10 m
Length 150 m
Volume (avg.) 1.2 m3/s
Volume (max.) 19 m3/s
Primary form Multi-step
Watercourse Ravadasjoki
Latitude 68.68313 (N)
Longitude 25.96004 (E)
Location Inari

Ravadas Falls ("Ravadasgorzi" in Sámi) is a large multi-step waterfall in the Lemmenjoki National Park in Inari. The falls flow in the Ravadasjoki River (tributary of the River Lemmenjoki), that goes wild very close to the mouth of Lemmenjoki. The falls are among the Northern Lapland's most spectacular waterfalls, and the main attractions of the national park.

The total drop height of Ravadas Falls is about 20 metres, based on the contours of terrain maps. This height is divided between two or three large cascades, and rapids between them. The first cascade foams in the place where the Lemmenjoki and Ravadasjoki rivers literally cross. Water rushes over a steep cliff, falling nearly 10 metres on a short distance.

The second cascade, on the other hand, flows about a hundred metres upstream of the first (main) waterfall, and is shallower, but equally magnificent, and roars loudly. This upper waterfall is located in a rocky gorge, that the river has grooved into the bedrock, along with glacial melt waters thousands of years ago. Above these two falls there is possible yet one cascade in the gorge, but I wasn't able to see it yet, so there is no photo of it in this article.

Near the falls there are several wooden footbridges and staircases that make walking in the area quite easy. Especially near the main fall there are a lot of good viewing points to admire or film the waterfall. Landscapes and scenery in the area are unforgettable in every way: the river, the falls, the gorge and the fells are among the most beautiful sights of the Finnish Lapland. Also the flow rate of the waterfall is large throughout the year, as the Ravadasjoki River is the largest of the Lemmenjoki River's tributaries.

Since Ravadas Falls are located along the river in the middle of wilderness, the easiest way to get there is by boat. The falls can be reached in summer by river boats run by Lemmenjoki's nature tourism service providers, starting from Njurkulahti bay (see "Travel companies nearby" -section below).

Before going on the boat trip, it's recommended to check the boat schedules and the exact starting point of the trip in Njurkulahti bay. The distance from Njurkulahti bay to the waterfall is about 15 km along the river. Besides the boat trips, the waterfall can also be reached on foot, but this requires a minimum of one day hiking along the trails of the national park. Near the fall, hovewer, there is Ravadasjärvi Lake's wilderness hut, where you can spend the night.

As a summary, Ravadas Falls with its surroundings is (in my opinion) one of most significant waterfalls in Finland. The beauty of the waterfall is emphasized by the large amount of water and the great drop height. Even it's location in the middle of wilderness, and the boat trip to the fall is unique; there are no other sights like that in Finland.

Driving address

Lemmenjoentie 1020, Inari
GPS: 68.75862 (N), 26.23576 (E)
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The falls can be reached on foot or by river boat, the total trip to the fall being about 15 km.

Video of the waterfall

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