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Liejeenjoki Falls



 Waterfall data
Height 4 m
Tallest Drop 4 m
Length 6 m
Volume (avg.) 0.25 m3/s
Volume (max.) 3 m3/s
Primary form Fan (+ Multi-step)
Watercourse Liejeenjoki
Latitude 64.78254 (N)
Longitude 27.82576 (E)
Location Puolanka

Almost every tourist in Puolanka municipality knows Hepoköngäs as one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Kainuu region. But few people know that only five kilometres south of Hepoköngäs flows yet another waterfall, smaller than Hepoköngäs, but still very beautiful. Actually it is a series of waterfalls: Liejeenjoki Falls.

It is a group of 3–4 waterfalls and rapids foaming in the Liejeenjoki River, flowing through a small valley in a forest north of the nearby Kurikkavaara hill. The largest and steepest of these (officially unnamed) waterfalls is the first one, an almost four metres high tiered cascade. The waterfall is formed when the narrow stream bed widens to a foamy fan, rushing down a rocky cliff in two steps. Before the falls, the water flows furiously in dense forest, and the fast flow rate continues even after fall, where the river and forest widen.

You can easily get to this main waterfall from the nearby Hoikanvaarantie road, where you can leave your car. The walk is about 150 metres, south along a forest trail to the river. The waterfall can be found by following the river a short distance upstream. If you want to, you can climb up the slope next to the waterfall, to see the fall from upstream. From this viewpoint, the waterfall looks (maybe) most spectacular, as the roaring water rushes its way out of the forest and then down the cliff.

The other waterfalls in the Liejeenjoki River flow less than half a kilometre downstream of the main waterfall. There the river descends about 5–10 metres within a distance of about 50 metres, several falls and rapids are formed in the slope. These falls are full of boulders and they're not very steep, but they still look nice, especially when viewed from below. The lowest tiered cascade, in particular, is a beautiful sight, as the water foams and swirls between the boulders before the stream calms down. When you are hiking along the northern shore of the river to these falls, you should be prepared for marshy terrain. Apparently some beavers also live in the area – at least there are some old lodges near the river.

On the whole, Liejeenjoki Falls is refreshing, but unfortunately not well-known nature sight. In particular, the highest and largest waterfall is a very beautiful sight, and is a good potential destination for a day trip. The scenery around the falls is relaxing, as the surrounding forest belongs the rugged evergreen forests of the Kainuu region. If you've already seen Hepoköngäs, and are looking for new waterfall sights in Kainuu, these falls are worth visiting!

Driving address

Hoikanvaarantie 11, Puolanka
GPS: 64.78413 (N), 27.82672 (E)
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The walking trip to the main waterfall from the road is about 150 metres. The other falls flow about 450 metres downstream.

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