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Kitsiputous Falls



 Waterfall data
Height 118 m
Tallest Drop 29 m
Length 400 m
Volume (avg.) 0.1 m3/s
Volume (max.) 1 m3/s
Primary form Multi-step
Watercourse Kitsijoki
Latitude 69.06819 (N)
Longitude 20.67623 (E)
Location Enontekiö

The Kitsiputous Falls, also known as the “tears of Malla” – or Gihcigorži in Sámi language – is the highest series of waterfalls in Finland. This series of vertical falls is located in Enontekiö, northwest of the Kilpisjärvi Lake, only three kilometres from the Norwegian border. The falls flow in the Malla Strict Nature Reserve and are among the most significant sights along the Nordkalott Trail.

The Kitsiputous falls are fed by the Kitsijoki River, which starts from the top of the Iso-Malla Fell, then crosses the steep southern slopes of the fell as it flows towards the Kilpisjärvi Lake. Even though the amount of water in the river is small, the fall is one of the most significant in Finland. The total drop height of the falls is divided between two main drops at the start and then smaller drops below them.

The total drop height of the fall was measured accurately for the first time in 2018, on the 6th of September, by a Finnish drone-photographer Pekka Honkakoski (see the measurement video here). According to his measurements, the total height of the falls is 118 metres within a distance of about 400 metres. The height of the first drop is 29 metres and the second one 25 metres. After these falls, there are several smaller falls and rapids, less than 10 metres high each, but they, too, can be thought of as being part of the Kitsiputous Falls.

There is not much water in the Kitsiputous falls (except in early summer), but its height alone is enough to make it one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Finland. Almost any of the drops are great as falls even by themselves, with the first one being quite exceptional; the water drops from the top of the fell as if it was a veil from sky.

The easiest way to get to the falls is by walking about 5 kilometres from a parking area by the Käsivarrentie road. The trail leading up to the fall is part of the Nordkalott Trail, which is well marked. There are plenty of steep hills and rocky terrain along the way, so you should be in good shape to go there, and be prepared for it to take at least 2 hours to get there. Another way to get to see the falls is on board the Malla Ship on the Kilpisjärvi Lake. In this case it helps to use a telephoto lens since the falls are so far.

All in all, in my opinion, Kitsiputous is one of the greatest waterfalls in Finland. You could call it one of the most shining pearls of the Lapland nature and not exaggerate one bit.

Driving address

Käsivarrentie 14852, Kilpisjärvi (Enontekiö)
GPS: 69.06070 (N), 20.77107 (E)
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The hiking trip from the parking place to the falls along Nordkalottleden Trail is about 5 km.

Video of the waterfall

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