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Kevolinkka Falls



 Waterfall data
Height 45 m
Tallest Drop 45 m
Length 500 m
Volume (avg.) 0.4 m3/s
Volume (max.) 5 m3/s
Primary form Scree
Watercourse Kevojoki
Latitude 69.50076 (N)
Longitude 26.54428 (E)
Location Utsjoki

Kevolinkka is a high, ribbon-shaped waterfall, that is located in the Kevo Strict Nature Reserve in Utsjoki. The waterfall flows in the southern end of the Kevo Canyon, where the Kevojoki River falls into the gorge in its upper reaches. Total height of this cascade is about 45 metres, according to the contours on terrain maps – maybe even more.

The waterfall is formed, when the river falls down a vertical rock cliff into the canyon. The water looks like it's coming from behind a corner in the canyon wall. After falling down through rocks, the water continues its way down on the canyon's grassy slope, becoming shallower as it flows deeper into the canyon. Finally the fall ends after 500 metres, when the river flows into a bright lake at the bottom of the valley.

As a nature sight, Kevolinkka is known especially for its location in the starting point of the largest canyon in Finland. Some people even call Kevolinkka The waterfall of Kevo's rear wall. The rugged landscape that opens up when the hiker reaches the waterfall is absolutely unique in the whole of Finland. The steep canyon, that continues to the horizon – dotted with lakes and forests – appears for the hiker suddenly from between the trees. Although the waterfall itself is rather modest, compared to the scale of the canyon, its roaring echoes loudly in the gorge, making the atmosphere unique.

The waterfall can be reached by hiking along the Kevo Trail for about 24 km from the Sulaoja starting point, where you can leave your car. Since the waterfall is located in the middle of wilderness, you need to be prepared for camping, if you want to see the fall. Because of the lengthy route and difficult terrain, you should start the hike only if you're in a good physical condition, and have the right equipment (tent, map, compass etc.) with you. Near the waterfall there are two marked camping sites, with recycling bin, toilet and a place for campfire. After you have seen Kevolinkka, you can continue your hiking trip about 5 km to the largest waterfall of the area, Fiellu Waterfall.

The only significant weakness of Kevolinkka is the fact that the viewpoints to admire and film the fall are very limited. In the Kevo Strict Nature Reserve you are allowed to walk only on the marked hiking trails, which makes it practically impossible to get close to the fall. You can best see and film it from the opposite edge of the canyon (where the trail goes), with distance being at least 150 metres. For a nature photographer, a telephoto lens is thus a great help.

This small weakness does not change the fact that the waterfall is a beautiful and rugged nature sight that blends well to the scenery of the Kevo Canyon. As the terrain in the area is very demanding, it is only a good thing that you don't need to get off the trail to see this waterfall.

More info

About Kevo Trail

Driving address

Karigasniementie 5648, Utsjoki
GPS: 69.39344 (N), 26.11302 (E)
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Hiking trip along the Kevo Trail to the waterfall is about 24 km.

Video of the waterfall

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