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 Waterfall data
Height 7 m
Tallest Drop 7 m
Length 20 m
Volume (avg.) 0.85 m3/s
Volume (max.) 7 m3/s
Primary form Shallow cascade
Watercourse Kiimajoki
Latitude 61.70915 (N)
Longitude 23.91890 (E)
Location Tampere

Kalmakurjenkoski is a large waterfall-like rapid in the lower reaches of the Kiimajoki River, located in the Terälahti neighborhood in the city of Tampere. In the rapid, the water rushes almost seven metres down within a distance of about twenty metres. The waterfall flows between two old mill buildings, in the midst of a beautiful countryside landscape surrounded by fields.

The rapid starts from under a bridge, flowing down mildly at first and then gushing down the rocks in white foam. The rocky streambed causes the water to whirl even more. Below the rocks the river quickly calms down. Even after the floods at the end of May, there is enough water in the rapid so that you can hear it from a distance.

Although Kalmakurjenkoski is more or less in its natural state today, it has been in industrial use before. There have been several mills at the rapid during the past centuries, with the first written mention of a mill dating back to 1649. Back then there were two mills and there have been more later. For example in 18501923 there was a mill owned by the villagers of Terälahti. The old building that is now on southern side of the rapid was built in 1924–25.

In addition to the mills, the river has been used for log floating from the 19th Century up until the 1950s, when there was a wooden log flume in the rapid. There was even a small power station in the rapid in the 20th Century. The mill buildings at Kalmakurjenkoski are culturally valuable wooden buildings that blend well into the countryside. It can be said that the beauty of the nowadays free waterfall is not lessened by its industrial past – rather it brings the rapid more honour.

Because the fall is right next to a road and can even be seen from the car, it is very easy to find. Surrounding the fall is an open field landscape and if you want to get a good close look at the fall, you need to climb down a hill at the northern side of the river through tall grass. The terrain at the shore below the fall is squashy and you probably need wellies if you want to shoot the fall from there. The fall can also be viewed from the southern side of the river, though the walking trip is longer then.

All in all, Kalmakurjenkoski is a fine nature resort and a good addition to the versatile group of Finnish waterfalls. Its value is increased by the fact that it is the largest free waterfall in the area. It is a beautiful sight that I can recommend to visit!

Note: According to the Kiimajoki River rafting guide, the International Scale of River Difficulty for Kalmakurjenkoski is V (Expert). For kayakers there is a platform on left of the river, to go ashore before the waterfall.

Driving address

Niemikyläntie 110, Tampere
GPS: 61.70921 (N), 23.91923 (E)
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The waterfall starts under the bridge.

Video of the waterfall

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