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 Waterfall data
Height 3 m
Tallest Drop 3 m
Length 1 m
Volume (avg.) 0.05 m3/s
Volume (max.) 0.6 m3/s
Primary form Steep cascade
Watercourse Kettuoja
Latitude 61.86367 (N)
Longitude 23.59172 (E)
Location Ylöjärvi

Jylhänkoski is a small, refreshing waterfall sight, located in the area of Kuru village in Ylöjärvi municipality. The waterfall flows in the middle of a dense forest inside a small "gorge", where the Kettuoja River falls down a rocky cliff. The name of this three metre high cascade is derived from the nearby Jylhä estate.

The waterfall is a nearly vertical drop, below which is a small pool, where the water spins a bit before continuing its way downstream. Before the waterfall, the river is calm and silent, and the stream bed is narrow. After the waterfall, however, the stream bed widens and the depth of the water is lowered, which makes the water bubble cheerfully around the rocks in the river. The rocks around the fall are covered with green moss, and the whole the place feels like a "room" surrounded by the forest. At the waterfall you can really feel what it is like to be in the middle of Finnish wilderness.

Jylhänkoski has played an important role in the history of the Kuru village. When log floating routes were constructed to the local rivers in the early 1900s, the waterfall formed a natural obstacle for safe timber rafting in the Kettuoja River. As a result, a log flume, with a total length of 250 metres, was built in 1917, starting from the waterfall and going west over dry land to the nearby Myllyoja River. The flume made it possible to float the logs over the waterfall safely downstream. Even today, it's possible to see some remnants of the old log floating structures in the forest – from the activity, that lasted to the 1960s, and employed even thousands of people during its time.

You can easily admire or film the Jylhänkoski waterfall especially on the west side of the river. There used to be a small wooden bridge upstream of the waterfall, but it was dismantled in 2018 because of its bad condition, so today there is not an easy way to cross the river. In order to see the waterfall from downstream, you need to climb down the rocks, and go through dense spruces. Overall, the terrain is still quite easy to walk. A particularly good viewing point of the waterfall is on a cliff west of the river.

The shortest way to the waterfall goes through a forest trail, that takes about 350 metres to reach the fall. The trail starts from the Löyttyjärventie dirt road north of the fall, and you can leave your car on the road. The path is not very clear, so it may be a challenge for you to find it from the road. As the trail is not easy to follow, basic navigation skills are required for a hiker. Because the waterfall flows in the middle of a dense forest, its roaring can be heard only close to the fall.

As a summary, Jylhänkoski is a nice little nature sight, which blends well in to the rugged forests of the Ylöjärvi municipality. Since there are not other known waterfalls in the area, Jylhänkoski is a valuable nature attraction. The log floating history of the place increases its value as a cultural sight. If you are hiking in the area (there are several marked camping places nearby), I can recommend you to visit the fall, too!

Driving address

Löyttyjärventie 814, Kuru (Ylöjärvi)
GPS: 61.86615 (N), 23.58743 (E)
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Walking from the road to the falls is about 350 metres through the forest on a path not easy to follow.

Video of the waterfall

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   jonny - 28.11.2016, 19:56

Beautiful water fall came here with my friend who lives in kuru
Got some spetacular shots of it with my camera in the snow
Well worth a visit

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