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 Waterfall data
Height 7 m
Tallest Drop 7 m
Length 0 m
Volume (avg.) 1.0 m3/s
Volume (max.) 9.3 m3/s
Primary form Plunge
Watercourse Nytkymenjoki
Latitude 61.84559 (N)
Longitude 25.07342 (E)
Location Jämsä

Juveninkoski is an almost vertical waterfall in the village of Partala, in the town of Jämsä. It gets its water from the small Nytkymenjoki river in the area. The fall is located east of the Partalantie road, right after the road crosses the river. The water plunges down a rocky cliff for almost 7 metres, but the total drop height of the rapid is even more than that. After the fall, the flow of the river slows down.

Juveninkoski is reportedly the highest and steepest free-flowing waterfall in Central Finland, which is why it is one of the most famous nature sights in Jämsä today. Especially during the spring floods in April and May, the fall is a gorgeous sight with the water rushing down the cliff, forming great white water. Later in the summer, too, the rapid is a pleasant attraction as one can see the rapid in the green embrace of the surrounding trees and bushes.

It is easy to get to admire and photograph Juveninkoski, for the walking distance from the Partalantie road to the edge of the fall is only about twenty metres. You can leave your car at the side of the road or on a small parking area near the fall. It is also easy to get to see the waterfall from below, by descending the hill on the north side of the river. It is worth noting that the mist caused by the fall may cause problems when taking photos of it too close up.

There used to be a mill and a ski factory at the river and, in addition, the river has been used for log floating. The fall has been named after Heikki Juvén, a ski factory owner born in Partala on January 10th 1907. Some remains from these past times, such as blocks of concrete, can still be seen in the rapid.

The village association in Partala has worked in the past few years to refurbish the surroundings of the waterfall. They have, for example, built an observation platform along with flower beds and a sign with information of the history of the rapid. There are also two millstones on the observation platform, to remind people of the important part the fall has played in the history of the village. Downstream of the fall there is also a small pond, where you can go to swim during summertime.

All in all, Juveninkoski is a beautiful waterfall, with perhaps one of its best qualities being its steepness: “traditional” waterfalls falling free like this are rare in Finland. The fall has had visitors all the way even from Russia in the past years, which says something of its appeal. It is a recommendable resting stop for anyone interested in waterfalls and traditional Finnish landscapes!

Driving address

Partalantie 193, Jämsä
GPS: 61.84545 (N), 25.07273 (E)
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Waterfall is located next to the road.

Video of the waterfall

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