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Fiellu Waterfall



 Waterfall data
Height 26 m
Tallest Drop 13 m
Length 2 m
Volume (avg.) 0.79 m3/s
Volume (max.) 11 m3/s
Primary form Tiered
Watercourse Fiellogeađgejohka
Latitude 69.52844 (N)
Longitude 26.61597 (E)
Location Utsjoki

Fiellu Waterfall – also known as Fjellu or Fiellogorži in Sámi – is a large waterfall in the Kevo Strict Nature Reserve area in Utsjoki municipality. The waterfall is located in the middle of the Kevo Canyon, flowing at the lower reaches of the River Fiellogeađgejohka. The river falls down into Kevo Canyon as a tiered waterfall, that consists of two distinct steps. The waterfall is one of the main sights of the Kevo Hiking Trail, and is also among the most famous falls in Finland.

The total height of this picturesque waterfall is 26 metres. The rocky step that divides the waterfall into two parts is located roughly in the middle of the fall – you could even say that there are two consecutive waterfalls. After the waterfall the river continues its way about 400 metres, before flowing into the River Kevojoki in the bottom of the canyon. The scenery of the gorge around the fall belong to the most magnificent ones in Finland.

You can reach the waterfall by hiking along the well-marked Kevo Trail about 30 km from the Sulaoja starting point, where you can park your car. The hiking trail is rough and very demanding, and there is difficult terrain on the route, such as steep slopes and you have to cross rivers. The Fiellu waterfall is located in a "kettle-shaped" valley, surrounded by high rock walls from almost every direction. For this reason, the roaring sound of the fall can only be heard very close to the fall.

Before you can see the fall, the trail descends very steeply to the canyon, and there are steps on the final part of the descent. The River Fiellogeađgejohka can be crossed from the wading point where there is a wire to hold on to. Even with the wire, the stream can be difficult to cross during flood periods, so we can recommend visiting the waterfall in the late summer or autumn, if possible.

Since the waterfall is located in the middle of the valley, you need to be prepared for camping, if you plan seeing it. Because of the lengthy route and difficult terrain, you should start the hike only if you are in a good physical condition, and have correct equipment (tent, map, compass etc.) with you. Near the waterfall there is a camping site that includes recycling bin, dry toilet and a turf-roofed hut for day-trip usage. When photographing the waterfall, you should also be prepared for a great amount of water mist, that can fog up the camera lens.

When taking into account the height of the waterfall, the great amount of water and the magnificent gorge around it, the Fiellu Waterfall definitely belongs to group of the most beautiful and spectacular waterfalls in Finland. Despite of the difficult accessibility, the waterfall is a unique sight, and a great hiking destination for anyone going to Kevo.

Driving address

Karigasniementie 5648, Utsjoki
GPS: 69.39344 (N), 26.11302 (E)
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Hiking along the Kevo Trail it is about 30 km to the waterfall.

Video of the waterfall

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