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Auttinoja Falls



 Waterfall data
Very hard
Height 50 m
Tallest Drop -
Length 300 m
Volume (avg.) 0.27 m3/s
Volume (max.) 2.5 m3/s
Primary form Multi-step
Watercourse Auttinoja
Latitude 66.13997 (N)
Longitude 27.56309 (E)
Location Posio

The unnamed waterfall of the Auttinoja river flows in the Korouoma Canyon in Posio, on the northeastern slope of the valley. The waterfall foams in the centre of the valley (in the east of a local Herb-rich Forest Reserve), located in a place where the Auttinoja river flows down a rocky cliff. According to the contours on terrain maps, the total height of the waterfall is about 50 meters on a total distance of about 300 metres. The fall consist of several small drops and cascades.

The Auttinoja Falls is one of the most difficult-to-access waterfalls I've personally ever seen in Finland. The terrain surrounding the fall consist of steep slopes and rocky cliffs, and it's not easy to see the fall from any direction. You can try to reach the waterfall from the upstream of the river, by hiking south and southwest from the nearby unnamed dirt road. Then you need to cross the Auttinoja river and continue along the river to the west. The waterfall is located at the place where the river flows steeply down the cliff, and the terrain rises on both sides of the stream. Views downstream are very limited and it is difficult to see the waterfall beyond its crest.

You can also try to see the waterfall from downstream. This can be done by hiking along the Korouoma nature trail to the place where the rivers Auttinoja and Korojoki converge. You can start hiking from the dirt road (mentioned above) and walk along the trail to the Pajupuro wilderness hut. From there you can follow the trail northwest, until you cross the Korojoki River and reach the Auttinoja River. Then you may try to climb up the hill along the river. It is, however, not easy to see the fall from this direction either, because the slope of the valley is very steep, and there are huge boulders, under which the water partly flows. Between the rocks there are nearly invisible holes, where your foot may accidentally slip. Besides the rocks, there are a lot of fallen trees and bushes around the river, all of which make it very difficult to climb up the slope.

Since the Auttinoja Falls is probably one of the least known Finnish waterfalls, it is already interesting in this regard. The amount of water is abundant even in mid summer, and with the rugged scenery of the canyon and the great total height, the waterfall can be assumed to be impressive. In middle of the bushes and boulders, the water falls down in several drops and streams, many of which are nearly vertical. But what the appearance of the main waterfall immediately after the crest is – that remains to be seen, as climbing near the falls can be life-threatening at worst. Personally I could not get closer than about 150 metres below the main waterfall, because the rocky slope turned out to be too difficult to climb.

Because of the rough terrain, Auttinoja Falls can be recommended only for the very experienced hikers or climbers, who are in good physical condition. The other waterfall hunters and hikers should rather go to see the nearby falls of Saukko-oja or Koivuköngäs, which can be easily reached by nature trails.

If, however, you have ever visited the top of the Auttinoja Falls and photographed it successfully, please do not hesitate to contact us. I might be interested in borrowing your pictures.

Driving address

Unnamed dirt road, 97815 Posio
GPS: 66.13376 (N), 27.60115 (E)
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The hiking distance is about 2.5 km from the dirt road to the waterfall. The fall flows in a very rough and dangerous terrain.

Video of the waterfall

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