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Top 10 – Waterfalls of Finland

The following list presents ten Finnish waterfalls that we have ranked as the best ones in the country. The list should not be taken literally, because there are other great waterfalls in Finland as well, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The list may be updated, when new falls are photographed and added to the site.

10. Kullaoja Waterfall, Salla

Kullaojan putous

This unnamed waterfall flowing in the Kullaoja River in Salla municipality is one of the most beautiful small-scale waterfalls in Finland. While the amount of water and the height of the waterfall are quite small, the fall deserves its place on the Top 10 list as one of the most mysterious waterfalls in Finland. The waterfall is located near an unnamed lake in a valley surrounded by steep cliffs. Near the fall, there are also caves and scenic overlooks. The rocks in the fall are partly covered with green moss and they bring into mind tropical waterfalls in primeval forests. An exciting place, and certainly no ordinary tourist sight!

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9. Komulanköngäs, Hyrynsalmi


This six-metre-high waterfall in Hyrynsalmi stands out especially for its unique geology. Komulanköngäs is a so-called segmented waterfall, which means the Syväjoki River feeding the fall is branched into two separate stream beds, each of them forming their own waterfalls. Komulanköngäs also has a significant cultural historical value for the area, as there is an old norse mill on top of the northern waterfall, built in 1888, and it is still in working condition. The waterfall and its surroundings have a mysterious and peaceful atmosphere. The landscape around the fall is like from a painting.

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8. Hepoköngäs, Puolanka


Hepoköngäs in Puolanka found its way to our Top 10 list already for its fame: this is one of the most famous waterfalls in Finland today, if not even the most famous. The ribbon-like waterfall with 18 metres of height is not only the highest natural waterfall in Kainuu region, but also one of the region's main tourist attractions. Besides the waterfall's height and beautiful surroundings, the place is easily accessible because of well-maintained trails and lookout platforms. Hepoköngäs is also one of the few waterfalls in Finland that can be reached by wheelchair.

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7. Putaanköngäs, Kuusamo


Putaanköngäs in the Oulanka National Park is one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen in Finland. What makes it unique is its rare geology and shape: Putaanköngäs is possibly the only so-called punchbowl waterfall in Finland. The waterfall is about 10 metres high, and has a nice amount of water, all of which makes it one of the brightest pearls in the forests of Oulanka. For me, the waterfall brings to mind mountain streams of alpine scenery. Including Putaanköngäs in my Top 10 was a quite clear decision.

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6. Kiutaköngäs, Kuusamo


Kiutaköngäs in the Oulanka National Park is one of the largest free waterfalls in Finland. Together with Hepoköngäs it's also among the country's best-known waterfalls. Measured in flow rate alone, Kiutaköngäs may be the largest free rapid in Finland (mean flood discharge is up to 261 m3/s), while the total drop height of 14 metres is divided along a distance of 325 metres. Kiutaköngäs is unique not only because of the enormous amount of water, but also because of the beautiful red dolomite-cliffs north of the rapid. The wonderful atmosphere of the place is yet emphasized by the rugged forests and picturesque river scenery of the national park.

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5. Ravadas Falls, Inari


Ravadas Falls in the Lemmenjoki National Park is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Northern Lapland. The falls flow in the Ravadasjoki River (tributary of the Lemmenjoki River), that goes wild on its last metres, forming several large cascades. The rugged atmosphere at the Ravadas Falls is emphasized by its location in the upper reaches of the Lemmenjoki River, which can be reached most easily by an arranged boat trip. A trip to the falls on a scenic river in the middle of the national park's mountain scenery is a very memorable experience.

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4. Jyrävä, Kuusamo


Jyrävä waterfall in the Oulanka National Park has been called the queen of Kuusamo's waterfalls. And what would be a better title for this pearl of Oulanka's wildreness? The 9 metres high waterfall is formed when the water of the Kitkajoki River squeezes through a narrow "chute" in the bedrock, accompanied by mighty roaring and surrounded by rugged forest scenery of the national park. Near the fall it's easy to rest while listening to the roar of the fall. When you approach Jyrävä through Karhunkierros Hiking Trail, you can hear its thunder-like sound far away. As a summary, it was an easy decision to rank Jyrävä one of Finland's elite waterfalls.

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3. Kitsiputous Falls, Enontekiö


The Kitsiputous Falls, also known as the “tears of Malla” in the Malla Strict Nature Reserve is possibly the highest series of waterfalls in Finland. Falling down in multiple steps on the southern slope of the Malla Fell, the total height of this tiered waterfall is close to 100 metres. The water flows from the top of the mountain like a veil from sky, both in a free fall and in cascades. Because of its mighty height alone, Kitsiputous Falls is one of Finland's most beautiful waterfalls, and its value is emphasized even more by spectacular scenic overlooks to Sweden and Norway. The very small amount of water keeps the waterfall from reaching the first position in the Top 10 -list – but only barely.

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2. Fiellu Waterfall, Utsjoki

Fiellun putous

The 26-metre-high Fiellu Waterfall is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Northern Lapland, in addition to Ravadas Falls in Inari. This tiered, two-stepped waterfall flows in the River Fiellogeađgejohka, which pours its water into the mighty Kevo Canyon. The waterfall is the largest of the falls in the Kevo Strict Nature Reserve, and there is enough water to keep the fall flowing from spring to autumn. It can be reached only by hiking about 30 kilometres along the well-marked Kevo Trail in Finland's most magnificent canyon. The waterfall and its surroundings is one of the greatest in the country.

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1. Pihtsusköngäs, Enontekiö


Pihtsusköngäs in the Käsivarsi Wilderness Area in Enontekiö can be entitled as the Niagara of Finland, if that can be said about any waterfall. The fall is located in the crystal clear Pihtsusjoki River, about two kilometres south of the nearby Pihtsusjärvi Lake. The water falls down from a hard, shale rock edge, into a deep canyon, with 17 metres of free fall. The amount of water in the fall is large, and the place is surrounded by rugged landscape and the highest fells in Finland. To see the fall, you need to hike almost 40 kilometres on foot. On sunny days, it's possible to see a rainbow below the waterfall. Without any extra words, I say that Pihtsusköngäs is the King of Finnish waterfalls – no more and no less.

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