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New sight published: Riisijoki Waterfall!

Published: 23.02.2019

In the honor of the upcoming spring (and its flowing waters), we have recently published a new waterfall on our site.

The fall is called (unofficially) Riisijoki Waterfall. It's is a lightly babbling small, refreshing waterfall, flowing in the wilderness of Riisitunturi Fell in Posio.

Although the height of the fall is not great (being about three metres), the rare geology of the sight makes it worth of visiting. The Riisijoki Waterfall is a “pure” classic waterfall, where the water falls straight down, with a small cave behind it, and a plunge pool below. There are not many waterfalls like this in Finland.

The hiking trip to the waterfall from the nearest dirt road is just about 300 metres, although the terrain near the fall can be challenging.

Read more about the waterfall here!

Riisijoki Waterfall photographed on June 10th 2018. The amount of water was quite low, because of the low rainfall of previous days. Photo by: Jussi Laine

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