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Two new waterfalls published: Rytiköngäs and Koriseva Falls!

Published: 02.05.2021

During the last couple of days we have published two new waterfalls on our site in English.

The first one is called Rytiköngäs. It's a small tiered waterfall located in the Oulanka National Park, adjacent to the official Rytisuo Nature Trail.

The other one is Koriseva Falls, located in forest near the village of Vihanto in Joensuu. It's a steep cascade, flowing in the Korisevanjoki River.

Thanks for Ramin Miraftabi (@thelifeofjalo in Instagram) for the translation work!

Rytiköngäs in Oulanka National Park. Photo by: Jussi Laine 24.6.2020

Koriseva Falls
Koriseva Falls in Joensuu photographed. Photo by: Jussi Laine 21.6.2020

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