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New photos of Hörhänkoski and updated travel instructions

Published: 02.05.2018


We have recently added a couple of total new photos of Hörhänkoski waterfall to our site. All of them were taken 22.4.2018 during the spring floods, when the flow rate of Heinjoki River in Kuhmoinen was (maybe) at its highest.

For me the feeling was something so different, when compared to my earlier visit at Hörhänkoski in summer 2017; Today, it was like a powerful cataract, with a roaring sound that could be heard even a hundreds of metres away!

We also had to make a note that the nearby powerline leading close to the fall (in a gap in the forest) was apparently removed during 2017. So if you are planning to visit Hörhänkoski, don't try find and use it as a landmark anymore.

See our new photos (the last 7) of Hörhänkoski, along with updated travel instructions here.

A video of the Hörhänkoski during spring floods can be viewed here.

Nice waterfalling trips, and happy spring for all of you!

Jussi Laine
The founder of the site

The gap of removed powerline, leading close to the waterfall. (Photo by: Jussi Laine 22.4.2018)

Hörhänkoski and me. (Photo by: Aare Vaher 22.4.2018)

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   ASH - 20.12.2018, 16:49

wow..very nice photos and your experience.

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