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Juvankoski Waterfall published!

Published: 26.06.2019

As the summer in Finland is on its best, we have recently published again a new waterfall on our site.

This waterfall is called Juvankoski, and it flows in the Pöytiö village in Salo, in Southwestern Finland. The fall is a beautiful and idyllic cascade, with total drop height of 8 metres.

Juvankoski and its surroundings are also well known for the industrial history of the place. One of the first paper mills in Finland was operated there by the power of the rapids in the 19th century. Today the area belongs to the Nationally significant built cultural environments, invented by the Finnish Heritage Agency.

As the waterfall can be easily accessed by car, it's also an ideal daily sight for summer holiday trip.

Read more about the waterfall here!

Juvankoski waterfall
Juvankoski waterfall from straight ahead. Photo by: Jussi Laine 4.5.2019

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