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We offer online visibility for travel companies near our waterfalls

Our site is the largest and most read source of information, exclusively focused on Finnish waterfalls and the nature-based tourism related to them. During 2018, our site was visited by roughly 67 000 different users and our pages were loaded over 156 000 times. In the spring of 2018, the figures are still on the rise, and our long term goal is to promote waterfall-related nature tourism in our country, for both domestic and foreign tourists.

During spring 2018 we have developed a new concept for our site, providing affordable online visibility for all types of travel businesses and entrepreneurs close to Finnish waterfalls. Our basic idea is that when a hiker finds a waterfall that is interesting to them, they can easily get information about the travel services near the fall. Not only does this help hikers in planning their trips to waterfalls, but it also supports travel businesses near the falls in reaching new customers.

For now, we offer travel companies online visibility in so-called info cards with pictures (see link and the screenshot below). In the near future, however, we will probably broaden our concept to make it possible for users to make online reservations directly through the site. Since our site is bilingual, the company reaches both the Finnish and English waterfall hikers that use our site.

Our current user interface for the travel companies can be tested for example in the article of Jyrävä-waterfall. In the screenshots below, the red arrows show the various functions of the user interface:

1. Travel companies can be browsed on the maps of waterfalls

2. The travel companies near a waterfall are also displayed as thumbnail-links.

3. When the user clicks the travel company's thumbnail-link in the article, he/she sees the company's own info-page above, including pictures, info, contact etc.

Do you have a travel company (such as a rental cottage or restaurant) that is located near to one of our waterfalls shown on this site?

If you want a new kind visibility for your company and a whole new customer channel, please contact us by e-mail info(at) or with the form below, and let's discuss it together. Being visible on our site, your company will also be involved in the supporting of Finnish waterfall-related nature tourism, and helping us to increase the public awareness of our most greatest waterfalls.

Nature-based tourism and related entrepreneurship are a rapidly growing field in Finland today. Natural waterfalls are among the most popular tourist sights throughout the world, and the falls in our country have also a great potential to offer for hikers. Supporting a local travel-related entrepreneurship has been one of our basic values since the foundation of the site in 2013. By increasing the public awareness of the magnificent waterfalls of Finland, we hope to promote nature-based tourism and encourage as many hikers as possible to go and see them!


  • We offer online visibility only for travel companies or entrepreneurs whose activities support sustainable nature-based tourism related to Finnish waterfalls.
  • We normally sell online visibility for one year at a time, but other kind of periods are possible as well. Billing is done at the start of the period.
  • As a travel entrepreneur, you will always be able to see how your company is displayed on the site (see an example in Jyrävä-article). The billing is done just after that. The information that is visible about your company on our site can also be updated easily afterwards, if needed.
  • The price includes online visibility on both the Finnish- and English -versions of the site.
  • For each travel company, a radius (to be measured in kilometers) can be defined, and the company is displayed in all our waterfall articles that have their waterfalls inside the radius. If, for example, the radius is 15 kilometers and the company is located in the Juuma area of Kuusamo, it's information is displayed on all our waterfall articles that are related to the Northern Kuusamo.
  • Besides our waterfall articles, we can occassionally bring your company visible also in our blog posts, newsletters, and the Twitter-channel.
  • We reserve the right to update and enhance the site's interface and layout as needed, with the aim of improving the user experience.
  • Technically we will handle the sales and invoicing with the use of OP Kevytyrittäjä -billing service. Value-added tax (+ 24%) is always included in the price.
  • No confidential customer information will ever, in any circumstances be disclosed to third parties.

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